JUNE 06, 2013: The Best Show & Share


Book of the Day
: The Best Show & Share 
Mercer Mayer

Read the Book Overview At:

How I Predicted The Day Going…
Today went pretty much how I expected. I figured the kids would take off with the Show & Tell theme….I did not see the frog ideas coming. Yes there was a frog in the story, but I never really thought about that coming up. It was a good thing that it did though, even I learned something new when one of the kids asked “Do frogs have teeth?”

Activities Produced from that Story:
The kids favorite part of the book was the frog so they started asking questions about frogs, one was “Do frog have teeth?” so we googled different questions about frogs & did some research
We got out our life cycle frog materials and the magnifying glasses and books
Decorated frogs
Built houses for frogs out of blocks
Did Frog Dot-to-Dots
Found our favorite toys in the room & did Show & Share with them
Tried finding frog music but couldn’t so we just listened to music that was about animals in general and danced and sang to it

What We Learned Today:
Different facts about frogs-1 being that frogs DO have teeth!
Number order & number recognition when doing the frog dot-to-dot
Fine motor skills when decorating our frogs
Used creativity/imaginations when decorating our frogs
Learned about science when using the frog life cycle materials
Used large muscles while dancing
Listening skills while following the movement directions to some of the songs
Communication skills when presenting our show & share items
Listening skills when using our best listening ears during the show & share time
Creativity/imagination and fine motor skills while building frog houses
Worked on problem solving skills when more than 1 child wanted to show & share the same toy
Worked on problem solving skills when building frog houses & they would fall down or pieces wouldn’t fit

Decorating Frogs:

06-06-2013 (8)

Dancing to Animal Music:

06-06-2013 (7)

Doing Share & Show with our Favorite Daycare Toys:

06-06-2013 (6)

06-06-2013 (5)

Building Frog Houses:

06-06-2013 (4)

Frog Dot-to-Dots:

06-06-2013 (3)

Looking at the Frog Life Cycle Materials:

06-06-2013 (2)

06-06-2013 (1)


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