JUNE 12, 2013: The Monster at the End of This Book


Book of the Day
: The Monster at the End of This Book 
Jon Stone

Read Book Overview At:

How I Predicted Today Going…
I thought the kids would want to do more Monster type stuff. I was ready to make monster puppets and do some other monster crafts. I didn’t think about it going in the other direction and then wanting to do Sesame Street related projects. We use the Sesame Street website quite often so they wanted to go onto that and look for things. We ended up finding a Bert & Ernie project and a Oscar the Grouch project that they wanted to do and then they started getting more into the monster ideas.

Activities Produced from that Story:
Sesame street Activities
Pretended to be monsters
Gathered all our monster stuff and set up a monster themed area
Danced to our tickle monster cd
Had some monster discussions: Talked about if we like monsters or not and who was the monster in the story

What We Learned Today:
Talked about feelings
Used large muscles when dancing & pretending to be monsters
Learned new vocabulary
Talked about colors when identifying all the different characters from the story
Used fine motor skills when working on the sesame street projects
Used decision making skills when deciding what projects to do from the sesame street website
Used imagination & creativity when acting out as monsters
Worked on pre-literacy skills when the kids “read” the books in the monster themed area


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