JUNE 13, 2013: Ladybug Girl at the Beach


Book of the Day:
Ladybug Girl at the Beach
Author: David Soman & Jackie Davis

Read Book Overview At:

How I Predicted Today Going…
I was pretty sure we were going to end up doing water activities, I was just sure the kids would pick up on the beach part of the story, but I thought at least the girls would want to do something ladybug related and no one mentioned ladybugs at all. The kids wanted to do beach and pirate themed activities. Was the perfect day to play in the water outside!

Activities Produced from that Story:
Water measuring at the water table
Water Hopscotch
Shell sorting
Beach themed activity box
Read some sea life non-fiction books

What We Learned Today:
Had sensory experiences with the water & shell play
Number identification while playing hopscotch
Counting practice while playing hopscotch
Worked on size order when sorting shells
Talked about pirates
Learned about different sea life
Worked on measuring at the water table
Used large muscles while playing outside
Used fine motor skills when sorting shells
Worked on cooperation skills when taking turns at hopscotch & at the water table


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