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AUGUST 19-23, 2013: Brazil & South Africa


This week we traveled to: Brazil & South Africa

After arriving in Brazil we did a little research about the counting using the following link:
08-18-2013 (3)

Thee kids passing around items from our Little Passport packet:
08-18-2013 (1)   08-18-2013 (2)

The kids learned about Carnival & are coloring pictures of Carnival Dancers:
08-18-2013 (6)

We also danced & listened to music native to Brazil on Spotify:
08-18-2013 (4)   08-18-2013 (5)

“To symbolize good luck for the coming year, people in Italy, Germany and Brazil eat lentils, while in the United States, many begin the year with a modest meal of black-eyed peas in hopes that they’ll eat well in the future.” (

We did a craft I found online with the black-eyed peas and then had many left so the kids made art out of them
08-18-2013 (8)   08-18-2013 (7)

08-19-2013 (2)   08-19-2013 (1)

Made a traditional drink from Brazil-Easy Brazilian Lemonade (the kids really liked it)
08-19-2013 (3)   08-19-2013 (4)

Now onto South Africa….(sorry, had issues with my camera during this trip so I didn’t get many photos…)

We started out with some research using the NatGeo Kids site:

Colored pictures of traditional South African Clothing:

Learned about the South African flag and colored pictures of it:

Listening to some traditional South African music using Spotify:
08-19-2013 (6)   08-19-2013 (5)

Cooked a traditional South African dish for lunch-African Spinach and Peanut Butter Stew (most of the kids ate all of it):
08-23-2013 (16)   08-23-2013 (15)

AUGUST 12-16, 2013: Mexico, Australia & Egypt


This week we went to: Mexico, Australia & Egypt

B “flying” the kids to Mexico

08-13-2013 (6)   08-13-2013 (8)

After arriving in Mexico we did a little research about the counting using the following link:

Learning about traditional Mexican attire using the following coloring sheet…


Playing a traditional Mexican gameBalero

08-13-2013 (2)   08-13-2013 (4)

“The beautiful metal ornamentation of Mexico that was once made of silver and gold is now found commonly in market places in the form of shiny tin. Trinkets, candle luminaries, ornaments and other decorations show the distinct and beautiful craftsmanship that has long been part of Mexican crafts.” (

We made our own metal ornamentation out of aluminum…

08-13-2013 (9)   08-13-2013 (10)08-13-2013 (17)

While in Mexico we tried some Mexican cuisine-Burritos.



After arriving in Australia we did a little research about the counting using the following link:

Learned about Kangaroos and Tasmanian Devils (

08-14-2013 (4)   08-14-2013 (5)

Made Fairy Bread-A popular treat served at Australian birthday parties

08-14-2013 (1)   08-14-2013 (2)

08-14-2013 (3)

“Over 3,500 years ago, Australian Aboriginals created unique handprints on cave walls by blowing a mixture of red ochre and water from their mouths over their hands. Artists also created unique rock paintings alongside their blown handprints to document their life. Traditional Aboriginal art uses lots of patterns and vibrant colors.” (

Made some Aborigine artwork (

08-15-2013 (1)   08-15-2013 (2)

08-15-2013 (4)   08-15-2013 (3)

Last stop for the week….Egypt!

08-16-2013 (3)

Learning about Egypt at:

Learning about Pharos. Did Pharos coloring sheets & made gold snake Pharos necklaces…08-16-2013 (12)  08-16-2013 (5) 08-16-2013 (9)   08-16-2013 (8)

Did you know:

“The history of the marshmallow dates back to ancient Egypt through whipping honey with extract from the Marsh-Mallow plant? But, the tasty treat as we know it wasn’t made popular until the 1950’s.” (

Having a marshmallow snack…

08-16-2013 (2)   08-16-2013 (1)

Learning about the pyramids & trying to build our own out of sugar cubes…

08-16-2013 (4)    08-16-2013 (11) 08-16-2013 (10)

Made a Egyptian recipe-Easy Egyptian Feta Salad (

Most of the kids really liked it.

08-16-2013 (6)   08-16-2013 (7)

AUGUST 5-9, 2013: Japan & India


This week we “traveled” to Japan and India. The beginning of the week we made and decorated suitcases to take on our travels.

“Decorating Suitcases”
08-05-2013 (1)


08-05-2013 (2)

Our first stop was Japan and then traveled to India the later half of the week.

“Have our suitcases & plane tickets….we are ready to go!”
08-06-2013 (1)

08-06-2013 (2)

“Looking at where we traveled to”
08-06-2013 (3)

Our first source for learning about each country is through Little Passports ( ).
08-05-2013 (3)

“Little Passports sends a “souvenir” with each country packet. D2 is looking at the tiger from the India packet”

08-08-2013 (5)

We also used Spotify ( ) to listen to native music for each country.

“Dancing to some Bollywood music”
08-08-2013 (6)

National Geographic was a great resource for us as well (Japan: & India: ).

All our printable material came from ( )

“Coloring the flag of Japan”
08-06-2013 (5)

“Learning about kimono’s”
08-06-2013 (4)

“Coloring the symbol of India-Tigers”
08-08-2013 (7)

And we tried authentic foods for each country.

“Sushi for Japan”
08-08-2013 (1)

08-08-2013 (2)

08-08-2013 (3)

08-08-2013 (4)

“Tamarind Rice & Gup Shup Peanuts for India (Indian food can be purchased locally at the Taj Mahal Restaurant)”  (
08-09-2013 (4)

08-09-2013 (1)

08-09-2013 (2)

Can’t wait to see where we travel to next week:)

JULY 30, 2013: Ping Pong Balls


MYSTERY ITEM: Ping Pong Balls

Our last mystery item for the month was ping pong balls. I could think of endless ways to use these, but see below what the kids came up with…

-Worked on team building skills
-Worked on color recognition
-Visual tracking
-Used fine motor skills
-Used large muscles
07-30-2013 (1)

-Worked on science skills
-Learned what a hypothesis is
-Worked on position words (top or bottom)
07-30-2013 (4)

-Worked on taking turns
-Used large muscles
-Worked on eye-hand coordination
-Worked on color recognition
07-30-2013 (6)

PING PONG BALL ART (dipped balls in paint, shook in a bag, let dry, cut bag apart & had art):
-Sensory experience
-Used creativity/imagination
-Worked on color recognition
-Worked on fine motor skills
-Used large muscles
-Worked on cutting skills
07-30-2013 (10)

07-30-2013 (8)