AUGUST 26-30, 2013: France & England


This week we traveled to: France & England

We started off by listening to some music from France on Spotify:

We then learned about the Eiffel Tower and truffles on the NatGeo Kids site:

And then opened up our Little Passports France Packet:

Colored pictures of the Eiffel Tower:
08-28-2013 (1)

We learned the name of shapes in French:
08-29-2013 (8)

We drew portraits of each other just like famous French artists:
08-29-2013 (5)   08-29-2013 (6)
08-29-2013 (7)

Cooked a French recipe-Ratatouille
08-28-2013 (3)

Next stop….England

We first opened up our Little Passport England Packet, it included a double decker bus we had to put together:
08-30-2013 (1)   08-30-2013 (2)

08-30-2013 (3)

Danced to some English music we found on Spotify:

Learned about Big Ben on NatGeo Kids:

Colored pictures of Big Ben:
08-30-2013 (4)

Cooked a English food-Yorkshire Pudding (Miss B LOVED these):
08-30-2013 (6) 08-30-2013 (5)


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