Every November we do a food drive for a local charity. The first time we did it, we donated the food to Mission of Hope ( When we went to drop off the food, there were actually people eating at the food kitchen so the kids got to witness first hand what was being done with the donations.

Skills Worked on with this Project:
-Learned about others in need
-Talked about healthy foods vs non-healthy foods
-Sorting skills (we sorted the food by veggies, fruits, soups, etc…)
-Counting skills (counted the individual groups of food and total)
-Graphing skills (we graphed the amount we had in each sorted group)
-Environmental print
-Use large motor skills when bagging up the food and carrying it into the donation sites
-Talked about some opposites (like heavy vs light, this came about when they were trying to carry bags)
Food Drive (1) Food Drive (2)
The next year that we did a food drive, we donated the items to Waypoint (

Food Drive (10) Food Drive

Food Drive (6) Food Drive (11)

The following year we donated to Foundation 2 (
11-26-2013 (4) 11-26-2013 (2)11-26-2013 (6)


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