We take walks almost every day in the morning. It’s a great way to start off the day, but the kids had starting noticing how people litter-especially when we are at the parks. Normally I tell them to just leave it because we don’t have anywhere to put the garbage and we don’t have a way to wash our hands until we get back to the child care. After thinking about that I specifically made it a point for one of our community projects this summer to include a neighborhood cleanup day. Each child got their own bag to put trash in and we carried hand sanitizer with us in case of anything really gross (and of course scrubbed up good when we got back to the child care…).

Now we always carry a bag and sanitizer with us in case we see trash because I didn’t think only allowing them to pick it up on one day was sending a good message.

Skills Learned from this Project:
-Talked about littering
-Talked about recycling
-Talked about taking care of our communities
-Counting (the kids counted how many things they put in their bags)
-Environmental Print (the kids tried to read and figure out some of the items they were picking up)
-When we got back, we talked about all the kinds of things we found that were trash and where they should have went (garbage or recycle bin)
Litter Pick Up (5)   Litter Pick Up (4)Litter Pick Up (3)   Litter Pick Up (2)


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