INVOLVING CHILDREN IN COMMUNITY PROJECTS-Making Homemade Housecleaner for The Clotheshanger



While on Pinterest (which I swear I spend 1/2 my life on…) I came across this recipe for a household cleaner made of just vinegar and citrus peels. I am always looking for more green ways to clean my home and then thought, this would be a great science project for the kids, then I came to the idea to not only do it as a science project but to turn it into a community project. My church operates a building called the Clotheshanger. The Clotheshanger is a place to where people can donate clothing and small household items that people in need can then come in and get free of charge (each person is allowed to take 20 items every 2 weeks). Well, when I was volunteering there I noticed that they had people making homemade laundry detergent for them to hand out, so I thought why not make a household cleaner for them too.


Skills Learned While Doing This Project:
-Science (predictions, watching things change, etc…)
-Math while measuring items
-Talked about the less fortunate
-Estimation skills (guess how many citrus peels we could fit in each jar, how many finished jars could we fill up, etc…)
-Fine motor skills
-Talked about why you need to clean (to stay healthy, to prevent spread of germs, etc..)

Homemade Household Cleaner (3) Homemade Household Cleaner (2) Homemade Household Cleaner (1)


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