A few months ago, the child care partnered with No Kid Hungry ( We agreed to support their cause. At first I was just going to do a change jar and match the amount of donations that came in, but we had already done a change drive before so I looked on the No Kid Hungry site a bit more and found that during the month of September (which is Hunger Awareness Month), there were local eating establishments that also support No Kid Hungry and contribute when you eat there during the month of September, so we decided to pick a day in September and dine out for lunch to support the cause. And quite a few of the parents were able to join us so it was great to get the extra support.

Skills Learned During This Project:
-Talked about what going hungry is
-Used decision making skills (what restaurant would we eat at, what would we have to eat)
-Graphing (we graphed what we were going to eat)
-Public skills (how we act when we are in a public place)
-Talked about healthy food choices
-Worked on patience and social skills (while at the lunch)

DONE-No Kid Hungry (1)  DONE-No Kid Hungry (3) DONE-No Kid Hungry (4) DONE-No Kid Hungry (5) DONE-No Kid Hungry (6) DONE-No Kid Hungry (8)


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