Our last December Community Project was something new that I had never heard of. It is called The Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive ( You sign up with Scholastic Books to be a collection site. The pajama’s are then donated to children in need. The ones we collected were given locally to the Domestic Violence Intervention Program ( in Iowa City. The children in their program are usually there due to domestic violence in the home and leave their homes with just the clothes on their back, due to needing to stay in protection, they can’t leave to return to their house to gather items so the Program get’s needed items for them.

To make this program even better, for every pair of pajamas that are donated, Scholastic Books donates a new book as well! Will all our families helps, we were able to collect 15 sets of pajamas.

Skills Learned from This Project:
-How to help those in need
-Counting skills (counted the pajama’s each day during the drive)
-Talked about bedtime routines
-Talked about the mail system (when we packaged them off and shipped them to the drop-off site)

Pajama Drive


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