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This month we traveled to: Argentina

We started off by listening to some music from Argentina on Spotify:

We then learned about the Argentina on the following site:

And then opened up our Little Passports Argentina Packet:
01-03-2014 (2)

Colored pictures of traditional Argentina attire:
01-03-2014 (4)

Colored pictures of the Argentina flag: (5)


Colored watched videos of Argentina Tango dancers and then the kids gave it a try…:
 01-03-2014 (8) 01-03-2014 (7)

Tried a traditional Argentina recipe (Chimichurri on steak):



This January, we helped out a fellow child care. The Linn County Child Development Center ( The children in their center displayed their artwork on notecards that they child care center was then selling to raise money to purchase bus tickets for families in their center that did not have transportation and had to walk in all the different weather elements.

This project was a little harder to incorporate my own group in, but we found a couple ways…

Skills Learned During This Project:
-Talked about helping others
-Talked about different modes of transportation
-Talked about how we ourselves get to and from places
-Talked about unsafe weather
-Talked about using proper manner when thanking someone (we made Thank-You cards to place in the bags when people purchased cards)
-Worked on fine motor skills when coloring our thank you cards
-Worked on counting backwards (did a countdown of how many sets of cards we started with and how many we had left after people purchased them)
-Counted how much money we had each time someone purchased notecards

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