REFLECTIONS ON EARLY CHILDHOOD: Dedicating Time to Your Children



Dedicating time to your children is the topic of this post, however the article that I read that made me choose to reflect on this was actually titled “Working Parents Who Travel For Business”  on the Bright Horizons site.

This article talked about parents that are in the military, travel out  town or just have a long commute to and from work. But really, how is that any different than parents that work more than one job, or parents that go to school and work or parents that just choose to spend their non-work hours doing things on their own agenda. All of these scenarios are taking the parent away from the child and all these scenarios require special planning and accommodations for your child so that they have a good balance in their life as well.

I have to get on my soap box a bit and say that in my eyes, children are always and always should be the priority. If we are working longer hours than most than those non-work hours need to be primarily spent with our child, not always catching up with friends, at drinking establishments, or working on our own hobbies. You really need to find a balance so that your child is getting as much of your non-work time as possible. We all work hard as working parents, but a night out with the friends isn’t needed every single week, especially when you have younger children, those years are what can make or break your child and you need to spend them wisely.

Just like this article says, connecting with your children is important, was well as having a good plan and supporting your child, whatever their feelings may be about you being gone. Some children are more resilient than others, some may handle this just fine, some may not and some might for awhile and then need you more later on. You need to be in tune and responsive to your child’s needs even if you don’t feel like they should feel that way. We all handle feelings differently and realizing that is part of the process. Having a great backup caretaker for the times you are away is also going to be really important for situations like these so screen your child cares/babysitters carefully as these are the people spending the majority of the time with your child.

For even more tips, you can view the article by clicking on the link below:


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