FUN ACTIVITIES – Peep’s Play Dough


This was by far one of my favorite playdoughs/clays we have ever made! We definitely be doing it again. Super easy, had most items on hand and is pretty inexpensive (I spent $2 on Peep’s, already had coconut oil and powdered sugar in my cupboard) and felt so neat to work with. The kids agree’d and said it was their favorite too (had one say “I want to play with this everyday!”), they really liked how it was warm also (since you have to microwave the Peep’s).

Only con we found was it does toughen up rather than soften up the longer you play with it, I think you could probably microwave it for a few seconds and it might soften a bit, but we didn’t try that yet…

Photos below of  the process and us playing with it.

04-15-2014 (1)
Ingredients we used…
04-15-2014 (3)     04-15-2014 (4)
Tearing up the Peeps & putting in the bowl                   Adding in the Coconut Oil
04-15-2014 (5)                               04-15-2014 (6)
The Peeps all big & puffy after being microwaved        What it started looking like as we added the powdered sugar

04-15-2014 (11)                            04-15-2014 (13)
Some items we got out to use with the dough…         The kids having fun with the dough

04-15-2014 (12)  04-15-2014 (10)

The kids having fun with the dough



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