For our community project this March, we raised money (and a few of the kids walked in the walk as well) for the Annual Arc March. Since I like the kids to be able to be hands on in our projects, not only did we graph who raised money and how much, but we took a visit to one of the Arc locations and did an activity with the kids there so we could learn a little bit more about the Arc (

Skills Learned During This Project:
-Talked about helping others
-Read about disabilities
-Talked about how the children learn even though they are disabled
-Got to see in person some of the equipment the kids use (wheel chairs, speaking devices, noise cancelling headphones)
-Learned more about how to graph
-Counting by 10’s

03-24-2014 (8)
Graphing the results of the money we raised for the Arc March

 03-26-2014 (7) 03-26-2014 (5) 03-26-2014 (2) 03-26-2014 (1)
Visiting one of the Arc Sites and doing an activity with the kids

04-05-2014 (2)
Getting ready to walk in the Arc March


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