I came across this article (How to Talk to Kids: Avoiding One Word Answers) awhile back and bookmarked it. Finally getting a chance to read it and it’s a great reminder that when we talk to children, we can’t talk to them the same way as we would talk to our friends, spouses, or other adults. Children need special care when you converse with them.

I highly recommend that you read the article, it has great tips, like “Be available to talk”. If your child wants to talk, make sure you are available for them, if you are constantly telling them “just a minute” or “not now”, they eventually are going to be more hesitate to come tell you things, things that may be very important, so always keep those lines of communication open. And being available isn’t going to be worth while if you aren’t fully present in the conversation. Try to stop what you are doing and give your child your full attention, they may be young, but child can tell when we are giving them our full attention and besides, unless the house is burning down, what is more important than what your child has to say.

And don’t always wait for your child to come to you, make sure you are initiating conversation and you are as the articles states “fostering an atmosphere that stimulates conversation and encourages communication with children.” And when you do talk to them or they ask you questions, avoid just saying “yes”, “no”, or giving other one-word answers. They more you can answer them, the longer your conversation can continue, which means more bonding time and more vocabulary for your child to hear. So keep those conversations flowing!

To read the article mentioned above, click on the link below:



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