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For our May Community Project, we collected new and gently used books to donate to United Way (  who was having a community book drive.

Skills Learned During This Project:
-Talked about helping others
-Literacy skills (we read each book before we donated it)
-Counting (we counted all the books at they were donated)
-Weight/Estimation (each child estimated how many books they could carry from the car to the drop off site and then by physical calculation saw if they were correct or not)

05-08-2014 (1)  05-08-2014 (2)

05-08-2014 (6)   05-08-2014 (3)

FUN ACTIVITIES: Melted Marshmallow Paint


Well it was a rainy day, everything’s wet and muddy from the past few days of rain. Kickball was cancelled and it’s too yucky to go to the park, so I sat down and started flipping through my Pinterest boards and came across the ‘Melted Marshmallow Paint’. Had all the ingredients so I thought we would give it a try.

Very easy to make, gave the kids a little lesson in math (counting and measuring) and it was a nice science experiment, because I really wasn’t so sure it was going to turn out…But, it did! The only thing I have to disagree about, from the person that posted the recipe, is I thought it was still pretty sticky, but cleanup was much easier than I thought. I would definitely make it again.


View our process below:
06-19-2014 (1)
Measuring the marshmallows

06-19-2014 (2)
First round in the microwave

06-19-2014 (3)
Adding the water

06-19-2014 (4)
What it looked like after mixing the water and corn syrup

06-19-2014 (5)
Dropping in some food coloring

06-19-2014 (7)
Final Product

06-19-2014 (10)
Painting with it

06-19-2014 (8)
One of the finished paintings…