FUN ACTIVITIES: Melted Marshmallow Paint


Well it was a rainy day, everything’s wet and muddy from the past few days of rain. Kickball was cancelled and it’s too yucky to go to the park, so I sat down and started flipping through my Pinterest boards and came across the ‘Melted Marshmallow Paint’. Had all the ingredients so I thought we would give it a try.

Very easy to make, gave the kids a little lesson in math (counting and measuring) and it was a nice science experiment, because I really wasn’t so sure it was going to turn out…But, it did! The only thing I have to disagree about, from the person that posted the recipe, is I thought it was still pretty sticky, but cleanup was much easier than I thought. I would definitely make it again.


View our process below:
06-19-2014 (1)
Measuring the marshmallows

06-19-2014 (2)
First round in the microwave

06-19-2014 (3)
Adding the water

06-19-2014 (4)
What it looked like after mixing the water and corn syrup

06-19-2014 (5)
Dropping in some food coloring

06-19-2014 (7)
Final Product

06-19-2014 (10)
Painting with it

06-19-2014 (8)
One of the finished paintings…


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