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FUN ACTIVITIES: Exploring Indian Corn

09-30-2014 (5)

Exploring the Indian Corn

Well, fall came almost overnight for us…barely a leaf on the ground yesterday, pretty high temps. Today though, I opened up the door to the child care and crunchy leaves were all over the ground and walk way and the temps had drastically decreased.

Great time to get out the Indian Corn I had purchased awhile back.

We explored it, talked about how it’s different from the normal corn we are used to seeing, put some in water to see if it will grow (I didn’t let the kids know that I got this experiment off another blog - – so this should be successful…) We are only on day 1 of this project so I will update later.

We had a few ears of corn left, so I thought, should we see if it will pop like popcorn, I thought I had remembered reading awhile back that it did, so with a quick google search I found that it will (again, didn’t let the kids in on this info…) we were not as successful…it did after about 10 minutes start popping but not enough for us to pull any pieces off to taste test, so I thought why not put it back in for a bit longer….bad decision, it almost caught on fire…So, since others have had success, I’m not sure what we did wrong, or if it was my microwave or the corn itself, I would like to try this again sometime in the future…

09-30-2014 (7)

Starting our Indian Corn Growing Experiment

09-30-2014 (8)

Indian Corn Growing Experiment-Day 1

09-30-2014 (9)

09-30-2014 (10)09-30-2014 (11) Trying to “pop” Indian Corn Step 1: This is what we started with Step 2: We then put it in a brown paper bag Step 3: This is what we turned out with (before we burnt it…)


FUN ACTIVITIES: Pumpkin Pie Clay


Well I have a new group this school year, but I still didn’t want to start repeating things I have done just yet…the pumpkin pie clay has been on my to-do list for awhile and with us having our focus color this week as orange and last week as brown, I thought this clay would be great to make as it starts out orange while you are first making it and then turns more of a brown color when it is done.

It was very easy to make, only used 3 ingredients, 2 of which I always have in my cupboard and the third ingredient is very inexpensive so it was low cost to make, however the recipe did not have exact measurements so I was a little worried about running out of things. I used almost 2 full containers of cornstarch (and it probably could have used just a tiny bit more to make it less sticky) and I used an entire small container of pumpkin pie spice and I still felt it wasn’t that strong of a smell.

It was a really neat texture though and the kids really enjoyed playing with it on its own, even when I gave them some tools to use they still played with it on its own for the most part. I would definitely make it again. It is also gluten free and edible so good if you have a young group that still puts things in their mouth and good for children with allergies.

*I used a large can of pumpkin puree, this gave me more than enough for 5 kids to play with, so if you are doing it for less children than that, I would use a small can.


09-11-2014 (5)   09-11-2014 (9)
Our Ingredients….                                                         What it looked like when it was done

09-11-2014 (8)   09-11-2014 (11)
The kids helping make it                                               Some of the group playing with it



Well, I didn’t get to post for August, as I had no one participate in that months project (I was doing a school supply drive again to donate school supplies to those in need. I just took all the supplies I purchased myself to the school, so there are no photos/blogs for August)

For September though, we tried something new:)

We participated in the “Kindness Project” and made cards to send to people/places that we were thankful or grateful for. We spent the past couple weeks reading books about feelings and books that expressed ideas about being thankful, kind &/or grateful. We then made a list of people and places we were grateful for. Most all of the children said their grandpas, had a mom mentioned and the library (they were grateful that they could borrow books from them and that its somewhere their moms and dads take them).

Skills Learned/Worked On During This Project:
-Talked about helping others.
-Learned about feelings.
-Talked about how things make us feel.
-Shared stories about what things we were grateful/thankful for.
-Learned new vocabulary from the stories we read.
-Worked on fine motor skills when decorating the cards.
-Used creativity/imagination when decorating the cards.
-Talked about colors while decorating the cards.
09-10-2014 (12) 09-10-2014 (13)
The kids making their cards and then showing them off…