Well, I didn’t get to post for August, as I had no one participate in that months project (I was doing a school supply drive again to donate school supplies to those in need. I just took all the supplies I purchased myself to the school, so there are no photos/blogs for August)

For September though, we tried something new:)

We participated in the “Kindness Project” and made cards to send to people/places that we were thankful or grateful for. We spent the past couple weeks reading books about feelings and books that expressed ideas about being thankful, kind &/or grateful. We then made a list of people and places we were grateful for. Most all of the children said their grandpas, had a mom mentioned and the library (they were grateful that they could borrow books from them and that its somewhere their moms and dads take them).

Skills Learned/Worked On During This Project:
-Talked about helping others.
-Learned about feelings.
-Talked about how things make us feel.
-Shared stories about what things we were grateful/thankful for.
-Learned new vocabulary from the stories we read.
-Worked on fine motor skills when decorating the cards.
-Used creativity/imagination when decorating the cards.
-Talked about colors while decorating the cards.
09-10-2014 (12) 09-10-2014 (13)
The kids making their cards and then showing them off…



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