FUN ACTIVITIES: Pumpkin Pie Clay


Well I have a new group this school year, but I still didn’t want to start repeating things I have done just yet…the pumpkin pie clay has been on my to-do list for awhile and with us having our focus color this week as orange and last week as brown, I thought this clay would be great to make as it starts out orange while you are first making it and then turns more of a brown color when it is done.

It was very easy to make, only used 3 ingredients, 2 of which I always have in my cupboard and the third ingredient is very inexpensive so it was low cost to make, however the recipe did not have exact measurements so I was a little worried about running out of things. I used almost 2 full containers of cornstarch (and it probably could have used just a tiny bit more to make it less sticky) and I used an entire small container of pumpkin pie spice and I still felt it wasn’t that strong of a smell.

It was a really neat texture though and the kids really enjoyed playing with it on its own, even when I gave them some tools to use they still played with it on its own for the most part. I would definitely make it again. It is also gluten free and edible so good if you have a young group that still puts things in their mouth and good for children with allergies.

*I used a large can of pumpkin puree, this gave me more than enough for 5 kids to play with, so if you are doing it for less children than that, I would use a small can.


09-11-2014 (5)   09-11-2014 (9)
Our Ingredients….                                                         What it looked like when it was done

09-11-2014 (8)   09-11-2014 (11)
The kids helping make it                                               Some of the group playing with it

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