FUN ACTIVITIES: Exploring Indian Corn

09-30-2014 (5)

Exploring the Indian Corn

Well, fall came almost overnight for us…barely a leaf on the ground yesterday, pretty high temps. Today though, I opened up the door to the child care and crunchy leaves were all over the ground and walk way and the temps had drastically decreased.

Great time to get out the Indian Corn I had purchased awhile back.

We explored it, talked about how it’s different from the normal corn we are used to seeing, put some in water to see if it will grow (I didn’t let the kids know that I got this experiment off another blog - – so this should be successful…) We are only on day 1 of this project so I will update later.

We had a few ears of corn left, so I thought, should we see if it will pop like popcorn, I thought I had remembered reading awhile back that it did, so with a quick google search I found that it will (again, didn’t let the kids in on this info…) we were not as successful…it did after about 10 minutes start popping but not enough for us to pull any pieces off to taste test, so I thought why not put it back in for a bit longer….bad decision, it almost caught on fire…So, since others have had success, I’m not sure what we did wrong, or if it was my microwave or the corn itself, I would like to try this again sometime in the future…

09-30-2014 (7)

Starting our Indian Corn Growing Experiment

09-30-2014 (8)

Indian Corn Growing Experiment-Day 1

09-30-2014 (9)

09-30-2014 (10)09-30-2014 (11) Trying to “pop” Indian Corn Step 1: This is what we started with Step 2: We then put it in a brown paper bag Step 3: This is what we turned out with (before we burnt it…)



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