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This month we traveled to: Poland

We started off by listening to some Polish music on Spotify: (they even had a kids album)

We then went onto the NatGeo for Kids site to learn some more about Poland:

And then opened up our Little Passports Poland Packet:
10-30-2014 (5)10-30-2014 (4)

We colored one of the Poland Crests:  

We made torn paper Poppies (the poppy is Polands Country flower):
10-30-2014 (6) 10-30-2014 (7)

Tried a Polish Receipe: Cucumber Salad


FUN ACTIVITIES: “Ice Cream” Playdough


11-04-2014 (12)This may just have been the easiest play dough we have made to date and honestly, it really only has 2 ingredients (I’ve read that before, but then they don’t count the food coloring, or the glitter, or the drops to make it smell, etc…this really only has 2 items in it). If you have a younger group, it’s perfect too, because it is totally edible in case they eat it…
Our focus color this week was green so I knew I wanted to make some sort of green sensory material, and our dramatic play center this month is set up as the “Sweet’s Shop”, so I thought “perfect, great time to try that Ice Cream Playdough recipe!” and for props, I gave the kids ice cream scoops and old ice cream tubs. They had a blast. I would definitely repeat this recipe again. Just curious to see how long it lasts, just made it today and am hoping to be able to pull it out for a bit throughout the week, but I can see this as a recipe that might harden quickly…


11-04-2014 (2)  11-04-2014 (1)
Mixing the Ingrediants

11-04-2014 (5)
Having fun with it!