Well, we have lots and lots of snow outside which would be great to play in…..however our temps have been in the negatives 20’s and 30’s so playing outside is not an option. So, we improvised and tried snow play 3 different ways…

Day 1: “Amazing Snow Powder”-Instant Snow
I purchased this at our local Science Center, but it’s also on Amazon for a reasonable price:

01-06-2015 (8)

01-06-2015 (9) 01-06-2015 (10)
Pour the snow powder in a bowl                                                 Pour water in next

01-06-2015 (11) 01-06-2015 (13)
This is what the final product looks like…not as fluffy as I thought it’d be, but the kids still had fun…lasted a few days without needing to add moisture and I guess you can dry it out and keep it to re-use again but since there is so much illness this time of year and it was fairly inexpensive, I just threw it away after a few days.

Day 2:  Real Snow-Brought the outside in…
The kids were really itching to play in the snow, but again, way too cold out, so we brought the snow indoors…
01-07-2015 (3) 01-07-2015 (1)

Day 3: Ivory Soap “Snow”
This snow was not new to me, I do this experiment every few year, but it was new to my group and they LOVED it. This one can get messy, so put down some sort of blanket underneath and have the vacuum nearby…
Take a bar of this (must be Ivory Soap) & microwave in a bowl for about 2 minutes (can go longer and it will be fine but after a bit it doesn’t expand any further.

01-09-2015 (1)
After it’s microwaved, it looks like this and has a very unique texture.

01-09-2015 (2) 01-09-2015 (4)
The kids LOVE it, but it eventually breaks down into soap flakes so it can get dusty & messy


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