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This month our dramatic play center is a: PET STORE

I’m not opposed to change, but when I first started out in child care, I thought that every single toy I had needed to be out at once for the kids to be happy. Our dramatic play center was a MESS! It had about 20 different themes going on and the children of course would pull out every single one of those all at the same time, so were they really benefiting just playing in a mess…one day, I’m not sure why…but I decided to pull out all the items we had in the dramatic play center and put them into piles according to themes. Minus the bigger furniture items (like the kitchen, the baby crib, the tool bench, etc…) I was able to separate the items into 22 different bins (that has since grown…)

Now, each month I change the theme to a completely new one and I feel that is important. Not only because there are less items for the children and that means they will truly notice and explore what is in there rather than just dump and pick up. But because we have a new theme each month, the kids are learning new things each month and I think that is important. What were they learning when I had the same items in there all the time…probably not as much. I rotate toys in the rest of the classroom, so it only makes sense to do it in the dramatic play center as well. I decided I would blog about our center each month to help give others inspiration that might be stuck on theme ideas…

Great article to read on  “How Dramatic Play Can Enhance Learning”:

Things to Gather for a PET STORE theme:

  • stuffed animals
  • shopping cart
  • cash register
  • pens/paper
  • dress up clothes/purses/shopping bags
  • phones, keys and other dress up accessories
  • small bowls for food and water dishes
  • ribbon, yarn, or rope for collars and leashes
  • boxes, plastic tubs, baskets for cages
  • books about pets
  • play money
  • empty pet shampoo bottles (make sure to clean good and glue lids on if small children will be playing in the center)
  • empty pet food bags (stuff with paper to make them look full)

Things to Make for a PET STORE Theme:

  • price tags
  • animal posters
  • Signs, labels, pet care instructions
  • receipts
  • Price Sheet (Pet Store-PRICES)

Here is what our PET STORE looks like:
Pet Store (4) Pet Store (2)Pet Store (3)  Pet Store (1)

Links for Printables & Ideas for a Pet Store theme:


This month we traveled to: Spain

We started off by listening to some music from Spain on Spotify:

And then opened up our Little Passports Spain Packet, where we found some photos of bull races and Sam and Sofia sent us a gift-a castanet like the Flamenco dancers use in Spain.:

015 016

We learned about Spain on NatGeo Kids: 

We worked on our Spanish and did an activity that helped us learn our color names in Spanish:


And last, we have a tomato fight! (I used the following pdf of tomato’s, cut them out and taped them onto our indoor snowballs). In this months letter from Sam and Sofia, they taught us about the La Tomatina Festival. It is known for one of the largest tomato fights. We of course couldn’t make that type of mess in our classroom, but we had just as much fun using fake tomato’s…

Tomatos (link to print paper tomato’s)

021 020