DRAMATIC PLAY: Apple Orchard


Well, I am  really, really behind on this…

For the month of September and October (we are now keeping the same theme for 2 months), our dramatic play center is a: APPLE ORCHARD

The apple orchard theme is a first for us and the kids are loving it! I made trees with apples that Velcro on and off so the kids can actually “pick” apples from the trees. We also had a field trip to the orchard so the group was very excited to come back and implement some of the new things they learned from our orchard guide.

Great article to read on  “How Dramatic Play Can Enhance Learning”:

Things to Gather for a APPLE ORCHARD theme:
-Produce stand
-Play money
-Cash Register
-Bushel baskets
-Dress Up Clothes

More resources to set up an apple orchard center:



What our Apple Orchard looks like…
Dramatic Play-Apple Orchard (1) Dramatic Play-Apple Orchard (2) Dramatic Play-Apple Orchard (3) 09-09-2015 (1)Copy


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