October 2015 Community Project:

Operation Gratitude (Candy for Troops) is a new project for us. I had heard about it a couple years ago when I started hearing about the “Switch Witch” (a witch that you have your child give their Halloween candy too and the witch then exchanges the candy for a non-sweet treat). There were also local dentists giving children money in exchange for their candy. So I thought this would be a great project to teach some nutrition lessons along with giving to others.

With this project, I also introduced the concept of the Switch Witch (which you can now purchase at stores just like an Elf on the Shelf). The Switch Witch was who delivered the candy to the troops for us and then left us non-sweet treats like books in place of our candy.
Operation Gratitude also takes many other types of donations. To learn more, go to their website:


Skills Learned/Worked On During This Project:
-Talked about helping others.
-Learned about feelings.
-Talked about how things make us feel.
-Shared stories about what things we were grateful/thankful for.
-Learned new vocabulary from the stories we read.
-Learned about sharing.
-Talked about nutrition.
-Talked about dental care and what foods are good and bad for your teeth.


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