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INVOLVING CHILDREN IN THE COMMUNITY: New Year Care Package for Children’s Hospital


January 2016 Community Project:

Sending things to the Children’s Hospital is not a totally new project for us, we used to yearly send them Valentine Cards and Valentine items, and have sent them personal care item care packages, but this year thought we’d send them a New Year Care Package.

We went through the child care and found all our old craft kits (such as bunnies we made last year for an Easter craft and the package came with 12, but we only had 9 children, so we sent them the extra 3 kits), some new books and made them some New Year Cards.

Craft items are in big demand at the hospital, as these are items that can help keep the children occupied during their stays.


Skills Learned/Worked On During This Project:
-Talked about helping others.
-Talked about feelings (like missing someone, feeling lonely, feeling ill).
-Learned new vocabulary from the stories we read.
-Worked on fine motor skills when decorating cards.

DRAMATIC PLAY-Fairy-Tale Forest


For the month of January and February our dramatic play center is a: FAIRY-TALE FOREST

This is a new theme for us and I’m very excited to see how the group responds. I’ve noticed that many of the children I have in my group are not familiar with a lot of the old school fairy tales in general so I am planning on introducing them all month long.

Great article to read on  “How Dramatic Play Can Enhance Learning”:

Things to Gather for a FAIRY-TALE FOREST theme:
-Fairy-Tale Books
-Dress Up Clothes
-Forest Items
-Fairy Tale Character Masks

More resources to set up a fairy-tale forest center:

What our Fairy-Tale Forest looks like…