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Well, we have lots and lots of snow outside which would be great to play in…..however our temps have been in the negatives 20’s and 30’s so playing outside is not an option. So, we improvised and tried snow play 3 different ways…

Day 1: “Amazing Snow Powder”-Instant Snow
I purchased this at our local Science Center, but it’s also on Amazon for a reasonable price:

01-06-2015 (8)

01-06-2015 (9) 01-06-2015 (10)
Pour the snow powder in a bowl                                                 Pour water in next

01-06-2015 (11) 01-06-2015 (13)
This is what the final product looks like…not as fluffy as I thought it’d be, but the kids still had fun…lasted a few days without needing to add moisture and I guess you can dry it out and keep it to re-use again but since there is so much illness this time of year and it was fairly inexpensive, I just threw it away after a few days.

Day 2:  Real Snow-Brought the outside in…
The kids were really itching to play in the snow, but again, way too cold out, so we brought the snow indoors…
01-07-2015 (3) 01-07-2015 (1)

Day 3: Ivory Soap “Snow”
This snow was not new to me, I do this experiment every few year, but it was new to my group and they LOVED it. This one can get messy, so put down some sort of blanket underneath and have the vacuum nearby…
Take a bar of this (must be Ivory Soap) & microwave in a bowl for about 2 minutes (can go longer and it will be fine but after a bit it doesn’t expand any further.

01-09-2015 (1)
After it’s microwaved, it looks like this and has a very unique texture.

01-09-2015 (2) 01-09-2015 (4)
The kids LOVE it, but it eventually breaks down into soap flakes so it can get dusty & messy


FUN ACTIVITIES: “Ice Cream” Playdough


11-04-2014 (12)This may just have been the easiest play dough we have made to date and honestly, it really only has 2 ingredients (I’ve read that before, but then they don’t count the food coloring, or the glitter, or the drops to make it smell, etc…this really only has 2 items in it). If you have a younger group, it’s perfect too, because it is totally edible in case they eat it…
Our focus color this week was green so I knew I wanted to make some sort of green sensory material, and our dramatic play center this month is set up as the “Sweet’s Shop”, so I thought “perfect, great time to try that Ice Cream Playdough recipe!” and for props, I gave the kids ice cream scoops and old ice cream tubs. They had a blast. I would definitely repeat this recipe again. Just curious to see how long it lasts, just made it today and am hoping to be able to pull it out for a bit throughout the week, but I can see this as a recipe that might harden quickly…


11-04-2014 (2)  11-04-2014 (1)
Mixing the Ingrediants

11-04-2014 (5)
Having fun with it!

FUN ACTIVITIES: Exploring Indian Corn

09-30-2014 (5)

Exploring the Indian Corn

Well, fall came almost overnight for us…barely a leaf on the ground yesterday, pretty high temps. Today though, I opened up the door to the child care and crunchy leaves were all over the ground and walk way and the temps had drastically decreased.

Great time to get out the Indian Corn I had purchased awhile back.

We explored it, talked about how it’s different from the normal corn we are used to seeing, put some in water to see if it will grow (I didn’t let the kids know that I got this experiment off another blog - – so this should be successful…) We are only on day 1 of this project so I will update later.

We had a few ears of corn left, so I thought, should we see if it will pop like popcorn, I thought I had remembered reading awhile back that it did, so with a quick google search I found that it will (again, didn’t let the kids in on this info…) we were not as successful…it did after about 10 minutes start popping but not enough for us to pull any pieces off to taste test, so I thought why not put it back in for a bit longer….bad decision, it almost caught on fire…So, since others have had success, I’m not sure what we did wrong, or if it was my microwave or the corn itself, I would like to try this again sometime in the future…

09-30-2014 (7)

Starting our Indian Corn Growing Experiment

09-30-2014 (8)

Indian Corn Growing Experiment-Day 1

09-30-2014 (9)

09-30-2014 (10)09-30-2014 (11) Trying to “pop” Indian Corn Step 1: This is what we started with Step 2: We then put it in a brown paper bag Step 3: This is what we turned out with (before we burnt it…)


FUN ACTIVITIES: Pumpkin Pie Clay


Well I have a new group this school year, but I still didn’t want to start repeating things I have done just yet…the pumpkin pie clay has been on my to-do list for awhile and with us having our focus color this week as orange and last week as brown, I thought this clay would be great to make as it starts out orange while you are first making it and then turns more of a brown color when it is done.

It was very easy to make, only used 3 ingredients, 2 of which I always have in my cupboard and the third ingredient is very inexpensive so it was low cost to make, however the recipe did not have exact measurements so I was a little worried about running out of things. I used almost 2 full containers of cornstarch (and it probably could have used just a tiny bit more to make it less sticky) and I used an entire small container of pumpkin pie spice and I still felt it wasn’t that strong of a smell.

It was a really neat texture though and the kids really enjoyed playing with it on its own, even when I gave them some tools to use they still played with it on its own for the most part. I would definitely make it again. It is also gluten free and edible so good if you have a young group that still puts things in their mouth and good for children with allergies.

*I used a large can of pumpkin puree, this gave me more than enough for 5 kids to play with, so if you are doing it for less children than that, I would use a small can.


09-11-2014 (5)   09-11-2014 (9)
Our Ingredients….                                                         What it looked like when it was done

09-11-2014 (8)   09-11-2014 (11)
The kids helping make it                                               Some of the group playing with it

FUN ACTIVITIES: Melted Marshmallow Paint


Well it was a rainy day, everything’s wet and muddy from the past few days of rain. Kickball was cancelled and it’s too yucky to go to the park, so I sat down and started flipping through my Pinterest boards and came across the ‘Melted Marshmallow Paint’. Had all the ingredients so I thought we would give it a try.

Very easy to make, gave the kids a little lesson in math (counting and measuring) and it was a nice science experiment, because I really wasn’t so sure it was going to turn out…But, it did! The only thing I have to disagree about, from the person that posted the recipe, is I thought it was still pretty sticky, but cleanup was much easier than I thought. I would definitely make it again.


View our process below:
06-19-2014 (1)
Measuring the marshmallows

06-19-2014 (2)
First round in the microwave

06-19-2014 (3)
Adding the water

06-19-2014 (4)
What it looked like after mixing the water and corn syrup

06-19-2014 (5)
Dropping in some food coloring

06-19-2014 (7)
Final Product

06-19-2014 (10)
Painting with it

06-19-2014 (8)
One of the finished paintings…

FUN ACTIVITIES – Peep’s Play Dough


This was by far one of my favorite playdoughs/clays we have ever made! We definitely be doing it again. Super easy, had most items on hand and is pretty inexpensive (I spent $2 on Peep’s, already had coconut oil and powdered sugar in my cupboard) and felt so neat to work with. The kids agree’d and said it was their favorite too (had one say “I want to play with this everyday!”), they really liked how it was warm also (since you have to microwave the Peep’s).

Only con we found was it does toughen up rather than soften up the longer you play with it, I think you could probably microwave it for a few seconds and it might soften a bit, but we didn’t try that yet…

Photos below of  the process and us playing with it.

04-15-2014 (1)
Ingredients we used…
04-15-2014 (3)     04-15-2014 (4)
Tearing up the Peeps & putting in the bowl                   Adding in the Coconut Oil
04-15-2014 (5)                               04-15-2014 (6)
The Peeps all big & puffy after being microwaved        What it started looking like as we added the powdered sugar

04-15-2014 (11)                            04-15-2014 (13)
Some items we got out to use with the dough…         The kids having fun with the dough

04-15-2014 (12)  04-15-2014 (10)

The kids having fun with the dough