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AUGUST 5-9, 2013: Japan & India


This week we “traveled” to Japan and India. The beginning of the week we made and decorated suitcases to take on our travels.

“Decorating Suitcases”
08-05-2013 (1)


08-05-2013 (2)

Our first stop was Japan and then traveled to India the later half of the week.

“Have our suitcases & plane tickets….we are ready to go!”
08-06-2013 (1)

08-06-2013 (2)

“Looking at where we traveled to”
08-06-2013 (3)

Our first source for learning about each country is through Little Passports (www.littlepassports.com ).
08-05-2013 (3)

“Little Passports sends a “souvenir” with each country packet. D2 is looking at the tiger from the India packet”

08-08-2013 (5)

We also used Spotify (www.spotify.com ) to listen to native music for each country.

“Dancing to some Bollywood music”
08-08-2013 (6)

National Geographic was a great resource for us as well (Japan: http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/places/find/japan/ & India: http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/places/find/india/ ).

All our printable material came from Education.com (www.education.com )

“Coloring the flag of Japan”
08-06-2013 (5)

“Learning about kimono’s”
08-06-2013 (4)

“Coloring the symbol of India-Tigers”
08-08-2013 (7)

And we tried authentic foods for each country.

“Sushi for Japan”
08-08-2013 (1)

08-08-2013 (2)

08-08-2013 (3)

08-08-2013 (4)

“Tamarind Rice & Gup Shup Peanuts for India (Indian food can be purchased locally at the Taj Mahal Restaurant)”  (http://www.tajiowa.com/)
08-09-2013 (4)

08-09-2013 (1)

08-09-2013 (2)

Can’t wait to see where we travel to next week:)