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AUGUST 19-23, 2013: Brazil & South Africa


This week we traveled to: Brazil & South Africa

After arriving in Brazil we did a little research about the counting using the following link:
08-18-2013 (3)

Thee kids passing around items from our Little Passport packet:
08-18-2013 (1)   08-18-2013 (2)

The kids learned about Carnival & are coloring pictures of Carnival Dancers:
08-18-2013 (6)

We also danced & listened to music native to Brazil on Spotify:
08-18-2013 (4)   08-18-2013 (5)

“To symbolize good luck for the coming year, people in Italy, Germany and Brazil eat lentils, while in the United States, many begin the year with a modest meal of black-eyed peas in hopes that they’ll eat well in the future.” (Education.com)

We did a craft I found online with the black-eyed peas and then had many left so the kids made art out of them
08-18-2013 (8)   08-18-2013 (7)

08-19-2013 (2)   08-19-2013 (1)

Made a traditional drink from Brazil-Easy Brazilian Lemonade (the kids really liked it)
08-19-2013 (3)   08-19-2013 (4)

Now onto South Africa….(sorry, had issues with my camera during this trip so I didn’t get many photos…)

We started out with some research using the NatGeo Kids site:

Colored pictures of traditional South African Clothing:

Learned about the South African flag and colored pictures of it:

Listening to some traditional South African music using Spotify:
08-19-2013 (6)   08-19-2013 (5)

Cooked a traditional South African dish for lunch-African Spinach and Peanut Butter Stew (most of the kids ate all of it):
08-23-2013 (16)   08-23-2013 (15)