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JULY 25, 2013: Yarn


07-25-2013 (1)

D was very excited for this mystery item. Yarn is something he asks to play with all the time, so I was very curious to see what he was going to do with it. I think the kids favorite thing was to just play with a stand of it and turn it into things…sometimes it’s just the simple things:)

See below what the kids came up to do with the yarn:

PLAYED MAGIC STRING (Where the yarn could be whatever they wanted it to be):
-Worked on problem solving
-Worked on fine motor skills
-Used Creativity/Imagination
-Worked on color identification
-Used large muscles
-Worked on communication skills when they shared about what they were making
07-25-2013 (3)

07-25-2013 (2)

-Used imagination
-Worked on fine motor skills
-Used large muscles
-Worked on counting skills (when they counted all the “fish” they caught)
07-25-2013 (9)

-Worked on cutting skills
-Worked on fine motor skills
-Worked on size order (put the cut strings in order of size)

07-25-2013 (7)

-Used creativity/imagination
-Sensory Experience
07-25-2013 (14)